About the Author


Christal D. Jordan is an award-winning author and journalist. Jordan founded Enchanted Branding & Public Relations, one of the most in-demand entertainment public relations firms in the southeast.

In all of her pursuits, Jordan maintains a strong belief in women’s empowerment and social development, manifesting in her first novel, Under the Cherry Moon and more recently In her role as a Relationship and Women’s Issue editor for Rolling Out Magazine.
Further, she also hosts a YouTube series and a webisode series titled “Reality Check” for the magazine and does bi-weekly pop culture segments for Fox 5 Atlanta. Jordan is the mother of two children and is an avid equestrian in her free time.

Welcome to the first step in creating a winning mindset for yourself!

I have been blessed to be in the company of numerous millionaires and recognizably successful people and the one thing I’ve learned is that EVERY single one of them approaches life from the vantage point of being a winner. They see themselves as capable of accomplishing their dreams instead of waiting for others to open an opportunity for them.

As an African American female there have been many doors that some would say closed in my face because of gender and or race. Today I serve as Investor Relations Director for one of the fastest growing Real estate investment firms in the country. After being an entertainment publicist for almost twenty years it didn’t make sense that this opportunity would become available. It is my reality because I decided I wanted to branch off into a new career and I started speaking that reality into existence.

If you ask me if I’m special I would immediately say yes but most importantly I would tell you that you are just as special and have the ability to do whatever you desire — if you truly believe it. Getting distracted by characteristics that others tell you will prohibit you is a mental trap that you can DEFEAT!

I hope you will take the challenge to state these 31 daily affirmations to adopt a winner’s mindset! I personally am rooting for you and I guarantee you — those in your life or near you that are winners are rooting for you also because winners enjoy the company of winners!

I look forward to reading your testimonials on Amazon! I’ll see you at the top!